What we use, interact with, and consume have major bearing on our livelihood and direction.

Garbage in, garbage out. Positive in, positive out.

Here are some positive (and flat-out cool) things that I am digging right now.



What's buzzing around my grateful ear-drums:




Upbeat and real, this song is often chugging in the background while I plug away at work.


What's making being a dude more easy and/or enjoyable:


The Ultimate "Dad-Pack"

This pack allows me to satisfy two inner needs: hanging with my kiddos and getting an outdoor workout.

I simply slip one of my munchkins into the backpack and hit the trail, tossing them snacks from time to time to keep them entertained.

Maybe they grab a cat-nap under the expandable sun/rain shade (seriously rad feature) or maybe they call out every tree and rock they see in my ear. Either way, daddy's getting some fresh air and the same benefits of a ruck-sack trip. Cha-ching!


The Coolest "Little Bro" On the Block

I'm aware that you can't just go grab one, but dude -- how else can I prove I'm not getting a commission here?

Yes, the old Rangers are the dwarf-trucks that contractors scrape from job A to job B, but the new Ranger is bigger, more rugged, and more feature-rich than the original.

I bought mine as a self-congrats gift when I started my last consulting gig (after a dry stint) in Dec. '19 and have thanked myself ever since.

Basically, Ford channeled 10+ years of F-150 lessons (and dominance) into the new Ranger and priced it ~$10K less than its new rival, the Toyota Tacoma.

If you're looking for a new truck, check out the Ranger -- he's been taking notes on Big Bro for years.



What's making quarantine (and fantasy football losses) less miserable:


If you're under 45 and have an innovative bone in your body, you're likely exhausted with the "old NFL guys" who sit around talking shop before, during, and after the games.

If I have to listen to Boomer Esiason state the obvious about a Quarterback being under pressure one more time, somebody's head will roll (and it might have a Bengals helmet on it).

GMFB is essentially four animated and intelligent Millennials (including late-great Nate Burleson) sharing the latest NFL news via creative games, hilarious ensembles, and guests you actually want to hear from.

This show bests its imitators with data; each of the hosts knows the nitty gritty historical NFL factoids and finds a way to make it relatable and relevant to the modern audience.

You can practically visualize them as little kids laying on their bedroom floors, football posters covering every inch of their walls, pouring over the fine details of each player card. I love it.


Most historical gang shows go way too far on the violence piece and not far enough in the intellect / human emotion piece.

This show tastefully strikes that balance by insinuating the brutality and violence rather than brashly pounding viewers with it.

Plot: The Peaky Blinders are a tight-knit Irish family who collectivity run a London suburb. Their most intelligent and ambitious family member -- a younger brother named Tommy -- makes some bold moves that draw Winston Churchill to send a private investigator / lawman to the unruly town.

They do a great job showing both the prideful nobility of this lawman and the emotionally wounded brashness of this young Peaky Blinder rep, which has your brain confused about who to root for.

I've just began binging Season Two and it has been equally epic.


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