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Trying to figure out why you're on earth?

Me too.

You know, we see so many people shining their trophies and selling us their models for success:

Financial independence. Worldwide notoriety. Material splendor.

External victories that collect dust on the shelf.

I have some trophies too, but they're below the surface:

Wounds healed. Obsessions overcome. Mission clarified. 

Interior victories that only increase in value.

The trophies I value didn't come from "winning" in life, but rather, by facing adversity as I pursued big goals, gaining perspective and losing ego in the process.

I have a long way to go, but as I see people around me chasing and shining hollow trophies, I feel called to share my scars so that others can pursue the trophies that matter.

I don't preach at you from the summit; I equip and encourage you along the path. Let's climb it.

I can't exhibit perfection. I can only encourage a method of finding peace. Let's enjoy it.

I can't offer a formula for achievement. I pledge a shared mission for purpose. Let's find it.

I'm glad you're here.


The key wins are more frequent and critical on the interior.

The exterior simply exhibits the interior over time.


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