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  • Chad Kanyer

Wrong Garden

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Are you in a frustrating spot?

You're likely there for a reason -- discomfort breeds growth -- but there's also as chance that you're simply planted in the wrong garden.

Sometimes it's time to grin and bear the rough gardens we're placed in. Sometimes we need to simply survive and leave them.

I haven't posted content in four months -- why?

Well, because I've been in a very frustrating spot, and given its clash with my personality, style, goals, and general identity, it greatly stifled my creativity, confidence, and energy.

It got ugly from there, and then I came back (I share how).

Now, as I (finally!) walk towards the attractive exit sign of this "garden" (this work environment), I reflect on what I was going through emotionally during my stay there.

I genuinely hope that what I recently went through gives you insight and encouragement to weather whatever garden you're planted in, whether promising or painful.



When I post, you'll know.

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