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  • Chad Kanyer

When You Want to Quit

Are you chasing, building, or working on something? Do you ever feel like quitting? Dude, me too.

I've learned that the things most worthy of building usually do not explode into awesomeness in the short term.

They simply take patience, persistence, and grit.

For them to stand stronger and longer, they must be built methodically -- rightly -- and the process must build our endurance.

In fact, lately, my close friends and mentors have wisely shown me that rapid growth would be more concerning than steady, hard-earned, long-suffering growth.

Perhaps the struggle is a test.

Perhaps the patience we're building is for something else entirely.

Perhaps the help we so eagerly seek along the way -- like water in the desert -- teaches us more than how to take the next step.

In this short episode, I share some simple (but reliable) tactics and perspectives to overcome seasons of doubt and discouragement.


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Use them. Lean on them. Keep them front and center when it simply gets hard.

If what you're building is worth building, don't quit.

Keep going.


When I post, you'll know.

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