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  • Chad Kanyer

What a World (a Poem)

What a world we live in today.

A fast time, a well-furnished place.

What capable lengths we are often afforded.

Our entitlements returned only with grace.

What a country we live in today.

Its freedoms. Its beauties. Its tools.

But despite man’s advances, we forego our chances,

To flutter beyond the mazes of fools.

What a town we live in today.

Its smiles. Its wounds. Its souls.

But with windows to stages beyond our acts,

We hastily overlook our best roles.

What a mind you live in today.

Deep roots. Wide branches. Cool shade.

But you stretch, strain, and pulse in such pain,

Are you strong enough to trust in your sway?

What a world you live in today.

Hustle down. Stare around. Take stock.

Lean into a smile and abide for a while.

You’ve already been gifted quite a lot.

What a world.


When I post, you'll know.

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