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  • Chad Kanyer

Red Lights

I hate red lights -- forced stoppages in life -- but I've learned to view their purpose. Red lights give us special opportunities to:

  1. Check our GPS. Maybe you're lost. Maybe you realize that you’re chasing someone else’s idea of success.

  2. Connect with our passengers. Look around. Share moments with them — don’t just manage the next thing.

  3. Check our rear-view mirror. Look back at prior greens. Every season passes. This one will too. Maybe it’s a good time to revisit old seasons in your mind. Old lights, situations, and even people that you thought would never change. Look how things did change. Is there a chance you could someday be looking back onto this red light with a similar perspective?


Without reds, we wouldn’t appreciate greens.

Without reds, some of us would never slow down.

Maybe the light is green in a different direction.

Maybe your vision is playing tricks on you, and the light has been green the entire time.

Maybe it’s time to pull over and take an even longer look at these things.


Question for you:

If you're at a red light, how could you be looking at it as a purposeful opportunity rather than a frustrating delay?


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