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  • Chad Kanyer

Promoted in a Pandemic

One of the full-time consultants at the firm I support, Shirali, just got promoted.

I am so happy for her!

I haven't worked with her directly, but I have tons of trust in our partners' decision-making abilities, and she seems great. Organized, efficient, human, and great.

But this post is to not celebrate Shirali (well, at least, not entirely).

The purpose of this post is to illuminate that great things -- great progress, big wins, and rewarding summits -- can happen even in this pandemic.

One cannot help but be discouraged when paying attention to the news right now:

1. Our presidential candidates bicker like children on stage.

2. The entire world scrutinizes the efforts of hardworking doctors trying to find a cure for COVID-19.

3. The social justice dilemmas in our country intensifies into riots, police-bashing, and shameful backlashes from the boldly ignorant.

Our country is in a state of unrest, and the news only celebrates it, fanning the flames of the intensity and seemingly trying to convince us that the world is ending tomorrow or something.

Well, I have news for you: the world is not ending tomorrow, or the next day. Well, technically, it could -- but nobody knows whether it is, so ruminating on that idea is stupid.

You good news is that you can still have a tremendously positive impact on your family, friends, community, and country. It starts with your personal convictions and efforts -- not what the news tell you to care about and do.

You can still be promoted -- yes, even in this pandemic.

And I don't just mean promoted at work, but promoted in your physical healthy, your spiritual development, and/or in the health of your relationships.

My advice (which I'm giving myself now) is to shake off the noise and focus on becoming better, healthier, and more resilient in this weird season.

I don't know about you, but I won't submit to the restless waves of anxiety and discouragement coming through the news, through the closures of business and restaurants, and through the latest media campaign.


Which flower stands out most?

Is it the one rose smack dab in the middle of hundreds, thousands, or millions of equally-thriving flowers?


The most beautiful flower is the one rising through the canvas of a torched wasteland, surrounded by thorns. This flower is more tested, more resilient, and more rare.

The most beautiful flower is the one rising through the canvas of a torched wasteland, surrounded by thorns. This flower is more tested, resilient, and rare.

What gives this flower its beauty -- more reverence in the eye of its beholder -- is the contrasting, ugly landscape from which it rises.

What if our lives post-COVID were like that -- strong, resilient, tough flowers that weathered this rocky terrain of 2020?

It starts with a simple decision: to promote yourself -- your thinking, your behaviors, your goal-setting, your working out, your gratitude, your way of life -- despite the nagging, negative forces in your life.

Cut out unconstructive noises.

Remind yourself of who you are, what you've survived before, and where you're going.

Rise through the madness.


When I post, you'll know.

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