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  • Chad Kanyer

Men of Purpose: Taylor Condrin

Seven years into starting his own Digital Marketing business, Taylor Condrin (by our world’s standards) has cracked the code to a purposeful life.

He’s a successful entrepreneur and has a beautiful family (wife and two kids), a gorgeous home, and much of what us men strive for: freedom, impact, and success.

But that certainly wasn’t always the case.

In fact, two years after high school, Taylor was nearing broke, confused about his future, binge-drinking, and battling anxiety.

What triggered his transformation?

How did he build his own self-running business with just a GED and a tight budget?

What drives him, and how does he define a purposeful life?

Our discussion did not answer these questions, but cracked the windows into the heart a man who knows, very clearly, what his priorities and passions are. I know many men, but I do not know men more purpose-driven than Taylor Condrin.

After taking stock of what this episode wound up entailing, I found that it should be uniquely inspiring and tangibly helpful to people in these specific situations:

  1. You're about to graduate High School and you have no clue what the next step entails

  2. You're wrestling with the idea of going straight into work vs. going to college

  3. You're already working but considering entering a different field

  4. You have an entrepreneurial itch, or idea, but don't know the next steps

Other rare components of this interview include Taylor's (and Trevor's) shared history with Cutco Knives, some background information on how Taylor and I know each other, and (most vitally) what gave Taylor's peace when he decided to spend every dollar to his name on a Digital Marketing training course (now a business that pretty much runs itself).

Taylor's story and outlook do not just educate us, but they also inspire us. If you're anything like me, you'll come out of this episode focused in and fired up! Links below.


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