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  • Chad Kanyer

Lessons from the Lost

Have you thought about your funeral? I think about mine sometimes.

I don't think much about who will be there and what they will say about me, but what the vibe will be like. The vibe of our funerals say a lot about our lives. We should live with that in clear view.

I've seen a handful of people in my world "go" -- and that number will grow -- but there are three deaths I've experienced in life that have really taught me something. In fact, they're still teaching me something today, as long as I let them do so.

One was a family member I didn't register the value of, another a "friend-in-forming" who I neglected the chance to care for, and another was a mere acquaintance with a proximity-tragic demise.

By reflecting on these losses (accepting the re-living of the painful loss in the process), I've gleaned deeper truths to help me walk my remaining steps a bit straighter (or so I hope).

As Winter begins to defer to Spring, we're reminded of Winter's function: to let what has reached its age die. For Spring to abound to its fullest potential, it must reflect on -- respect the lessons of -- Winter.

That is the function of this episode: to share my "lessons from the lost" with you (despite their less comfortable temperatures) so that we can all more colorfully abound in Spring, however long that season may last for us.

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