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  • Chad Kanyer

Lead Like a Child

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So many people are craving a proven, trustworthy model for becoming a strong leader (or at least being perceived as one << an issue).

Our culture has many models prescribed, and I'm unsure whether any of them is a "silver bullet" model. The goal of this episode is not to add to the mix, but to suggest that we could look at kids as a reference point when considering our leadership styles, and to also ask questions that get us thinking about leadership differently.

Questions like...

  1. Do we need to be "educated parents," or the "eager, excited, open-minded kid" seeking the best solution?

  2. How much does gratitude play into being a leader?

  3. If we want to know how to best lead, shouldn't we think back to the people who made us want to follow them, before we pick up some book on leadership?

We can all be leaders. Today. Now. No training or qualification or reading or listening necessary.

Just perspective, and I hope that this post provides some. Enjoy!


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