• Chad Kanyer

The Perfectly-Grilled & Fulfilled Dream

Grilling different meats is a lot like developing the different dreams in your life.

I don't know about you, but I've had a ton of dreams that haven't materialized. It's taken me a few trips through the grinder to learn that my approach to making them a reality -- not the dreams themselves -- is what limits them.

Not the idea, but the confidence to pitch it to people who could help.

Not the solution, but the boldness to test it against the hard problems.

Not the vision, but the persistence to see it take shape materially.

Here are three different approaches to our dreams we often take (hint: two produce crappy results, and one seems to work brilliantly):

Too Hot, Too Fast

Some of our dreams look or sound great on the surface but simply haven’t been given the time to mature before they're served.

Our passion and enthusiasm produce a very attractive exterior as we draw interest and maybe even some early success. But these ideas look a lot tastier than they prove to be, as the first bite reveals that the interior is too raw — it just needed more time to mature.

I made this mistake with the last venture. I had a vision of integrating professional athletes into startup ventures. Many expressed interest, including pro athletes, their agents, and more startups than you could imagine. My sales tendencies kicked into gear big-time.

But what was I selling?

We hadn't really proven the model -- we didn't have a business. We got so inundated with our social media presence and meetings with potential partners -- the exterior stuff -- that we didn't focus on the interior -- cooking the "meat" of our business.

We fell flat, and I'm so thankful for the lesson: you cannot speed-cook your dreams and serve them up prematurely.

If you could, would they be worthwhile?

Burnt (Out) & Neglected

This is likely more common for you: your dreams sit on the grill unattended.

You were excited about them at the beginning, but at some point you got distracted with the other activities in your life, perhaps impressing your guests or grabbing another beer.

When you finally open the hood and the smoke clears, you shake your head and say; "ah, man...that one had such potential.” The dream you saw materializing into such tasty beauty is now dry, tasteless, and maybe even worth throwing away.

Sad, right?

Well, here's something to cheer you up...

The beautiful thing about our dreams is that — unlike meats and vegetables we toss on the grill — they come from a limitless source and are free.

We don’t get many “do-overs” with our grilled items (perhaps the reason we pay close attention to them), but we are often afforded follow-on opportunities for our dreams to be better prepared, overseen, and eventually served.

For that I am so grateful.

Many people too heavily bank on this benefit, focusing too heavily on the temporal niceties of life — tasty dinners, high-paying jobs, fancy vacations, etc. -- to tend to what really gets them excited. Focused on cooking the $15 steak perfectly to have a gratifying dinner, they neglect their much longer-term dreams and often fail to live truly gratifying lives.

It is a massive mistake to treat what is easily reproducible as less deserving of our energies. We never see the full potential of a thing until we apply to it diligent, devoted work.

It is a massive mistake to treat what is easily reproducible as less deserving of our energies. We never see the full potential of a thing until we apply to it diligent, devoted work.

Just Right

These are the ideas that we plan out well before cooking up.

Yes, the plan will change as circumstances do, but our brains have thought through the scenarios, and our momentum builds before they're even placed on the grill.

As the heat rises, we keep them moving, shifting, and evolving.

When life's other responsibilities demand the front rack, we move our dreams to the back-burner for a bit. No big deal. We devote time and energy when we can. They're not center-stage, but they're still a part of our lives -- still important and still maturing. Heck, whatever has the center stage may prove to be a nice side-dish when we serve up our dream.

Over time, under heat, our dream's impurities are removed -- as is our impatience, any flawed drivers behind their accomplishment, and our stubbornness about how exactly they should look.

Lots of attention. Lots of patience. Lots of excitement building until their great unveiling.

We will know when they're ready for presentation and consumption.


These are the dreams I’m focusing on grilling now. Against my nature, I will be patient, persistent, and engaged. I know that with the right strategy, they will prove to be satisfying to both me and my guests someday. That's worth waiting for.



What is the most persistent, powerful dream for yourself in your heart?

Are you flash-cooking it, neglecting it, or doing something else?

Would love to hear.


When I post, you'll know.