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  • Chad Kanyer

Killing Associations

Associations are powerful.

When we connect concepts and people based on shared traits, unifying them can unlock massive growth.

But when we are unaware of the associations at play in our relationships, stances on faith, and career decisions, they can hurt and hinder us more than we know.

My good friend Trevor and I unpack this concept, pulling from our own perspectives and stories in both relationships and in our entrepreneurial efforts, in this latest message. We get pretty vulnerable here.

By diving into this topic, we unexpectedly unpack the key driving forces behind my recently-released book, Dying in the Wilderness, as well as how I went from starving entrepreneur to well-paid consultant: by surrendering to God.


Not only must we register and redeem these associations, but we must take responsibility for the associations in play as we represent certain environments. The actions we take and words we say, especially towards young people, will very likely be cemented in their brain. Are we representing environments rightly?


Recognize them because you must be aware.

Leverage them where you can.

Kill them where they are not invited -- before they can ruin a good thing.

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