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Craving a deeper sense of purpose?

Dude, I get it.

Our broken world promised me happiness when I earned certain trophies:

+ Financial independence

+ Sexual conquest

+ Career achievements

+ Boundless freedom

But years of chasing these only left me bitter, exhausted, and fearful of the future.

After much swinging, failing, and humbling, I've found that the only worthy victories are fought in the heart:

+ Getting real about pain from my past

+ Overcoming addictions I had ignored

+ Making my purpose about others, not myself

These pursuits have left me grateful, energized, and at peace with my role.

I'm still quite jacked up, but that won't stop me from sharing my ugly scars and embarrassing stories with painful authenticity. Why? So that I can help you find, and walk in, purposeful manhood.


The key wins are more frequent and critical on the interior.

The exterior simply exhibits the interior over time.