The world told me that sex, money, power, and freedom would satisfy, but those paths only left me empty.


Where I've found purpose is in the rocky places, where thirst and thorns shift our perspectives and priorities.


My purpose is clear: To use my scars to equip and encourage men to find, and walk in, their purpose.




"The key wins are more critical on the interior. The exterior simply exhibits the interior over time."

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I use my podcast, The Saddled Stallion, to share raw, energizing messages that challenge and motivate men across a variety of subjects, from career growth to entrepreneurship to fatherhood.

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My book, Dying in the Wilderness: Finding Purpose Through Failure, catalogues 12 life-changing lessons I learned during my two-year journey through "the wilderness" of entrepreneurship.

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I challenge groups to see beyond the surface of their experiences (the good and the bad) to identify the beauty and purpose of their struggles, gifts, and position.

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